Coming Soon – Indention of the Heart

It’s been 3 years since I posted on my blog.

The reason? I have absolutely no idea! Okay, take that back, I know why.

I found myself at the bitter end of a divorce that hasn’t even begun. That sounds odd but basically the soon-to-be ex-husband refuses to grant me the one thing that can help me move forward. Am I upset? Hell yeah I am. But I know he’s doing this to prolong my suffering.

A while back, I would say at least 6 to maybe 7 years ago I wrote Indention of the Heart. It’s a love story about two individuals who found themselves in the bitter end of a divorce, who wanted to move on and love again, but found themselves unable to thanks to their exes.

I find myself feeling a tad bit of irony in this story and now that I’ve finally realized that I’m a lot like Arlia, my main character, I’ve decided to publish it for all the world to read.

Arlia and Sloan just want to be happy but there are those who refuse to let that happen.

So my question is, can two people who love another move on despite their past?

Absolutely! And Arlia and Sloan will be my proof.

I haven’t set a release date yet but it will be before Valentine’s Day.

I’ll let you know asap!