Things have settled down in my homestead. Between work and my brain still seeing random squirrels at every turn (ooh, squirrel), It’s amazing that anything gets done around my house. I do however have a new short story coming out in the middle of this month. I’m sure you’ve seen me mention it once or twice on my blog. I cannot wait for the release of this one mostly because it reminds me of the good times I would always have visiting Charleston.

Anywho, I promised random thoughts… so here it goes:

I know entirely too much about football (well for a chick anyway):

yes-im-a-girl1I, like the most of you, watched at least some of the (not so) Super Bowl on Sunday night. During one of the plays, the Raven’s kicker decided to fake a punt and run to the right left of the huddle in the attempt to make a touchdown. I instantly facepalmed and when the hubby, who was screaming at the TV realized that I was silent, he questioned my sudden disinterest in the TV screen. I looked at him, cool and as calm as I could and said confidently, “If they were going to have a kicker run a fake, then they should have had more coverage on San Fran.”

*Blink Blink*

Hubby couldn’t believe his ears. He nodded and went back to the TV as though it was the oddest, yet coolest thing his wife had ever told him.

Fall Out Boy has a new album coming out:

I have no idea why I care.
Or why it’s even on this list.
Onward to number three.

Pinterest makes me feel like I’m a crafting failure… LOTRO makes me feel like I could build a freaking city with twigs and some horse spit. Oh, and my very first “Leroy Jenkins” moment.

I don’t know how to break this any easier.

It’s something I’ve been hiding from all you people. Some of you already know, some don’t so here it goes.

Are you ready?

Okay… I’m a nerd.

ogrePhew… now that we’ve got that out in the open, let me explain the above statement a little bit more into detail.

I currently play an online MMO game. For some of you who don’t speak nerd MMO stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online” where I’m a level twenty-something Hunter Elf. I just started recently but I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Many of you may know the more popular game of “World of Warcraft” but I enjoy playing “Lord of the Rings” way much more than I ever thought possible.

So let me to get to the crafting and Leroy Jenkins part of this.

6b1301a98e7cd68a05645618870bde43I was reading through Pinterest the other day in sheer boredom of waiting on my number to be called to take a test at work and I came across the cutest little Hobbit Hole Play House for kids. The website promised easy to use instructions to create this cute little home for your children to play in and as I went over the instructions in detail, I quickly closed the window in great haste. The instructions were redonkulously long and confusing. Out of sheer frustration, I blurted out “It wouldn’t be this hard to build this in my crafting in Lord of the Rings.” (For those of you who are going, what the actual hell is she talking about, as part of our teachings, we have to learn a craft in the game… don’t look at me like that).

It was then I realized that I was doomed.

However, it didn’t really hit me how over my head I was in this game than when I went questing with some friends of mine in this horrible place called the Barrow Downs. Now if I haven’t lost you yet with the above story, trust me it gets better.

And if you have no idea as to what I mean by having a Leroy Jenkins moment, click here.

I have horrible hand-eye coordination, which is something you desperately need in order to make it through this game and as my character is standing in this underground cave, I thought I see my two friend’s characters run out of the door, so I follow suit. Come to find out it was another set of players and I can hear my friends screaming, “Where’s Elicia?”

I was outside getting my ass handed to me by a huge hoard of goblins and shit and dying.  My friends had to come out and not only rescue me but heal me too.

Yeah. It was then that I realized that maybe I wasn’t cut out for this MMO stuff. Come to find out, using your mouse is way much easier… something I wish I’d learned a lot sooner.

Now, I’m a level 21 Elf Hunter bitches. Nothing can stop me now.

Next stop, Mordor!

… you know… assuming I don’t need rescuing and all… again.