This is my living room.

As you can see we have no furniture but only a Christmas tree. And you know what? I’m super okay with that. The mere fact that we have a house is truly a Christmas miracle in itself. My husband and I have worked so hard the past six months to get to where we are. We’ve both started over and with the help of so many friends and family members have finally settled down into our little home.

I said in my 100th post that I was extremely grateful for everything that we have. I would have settle for a one bedroom bungalow somewhere but we have a house you guys… a house with two bedrooms and a small kitchen and small living room… but it’s a house.

November has always been a month of reflection on the things that you are thankful for. As for me, I’m thankful for my family and friends who have done so much for me the past couple of months. My mother and father have done so much for me and my husband… while my aunt has given us so much stuff to help make our home a little brighter. My best friend Katie has helped me scour the town for other items to fill our home. I cannot wait for my friends to see the work we’ve done and I’ve never been so proud in my life.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped Mikey and I get to where we are right now. Without the kind words and help from all of you, we would still be stuck in a hotel room with little hope for the holidays. Now I have a place for friends to visit and family to make memories in. For all of that, I’m truly grateful.

Love and kindness,