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I’m super, duper pissed off right now.

It normally takes a lot to make me as angry as I am right now but this is a special circumstance.

My question:

How come no one – not a single person – noticed the horrible things Amanda Todd went through?

Where were the adults?


Where were her friends?


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, either click on Amanda’s name above or Google it. Go ahead, I’ll wait a moment….

… find it?

Okay. Now answer those questions for me. As a mother, friend, adult I notice when my children, or other children are having problems. My son had issues with a bully in school. It was quickly taken care of however this isn’t always the case with every child in school.

I spoke with my best friend the other day who happens to be a school teacher. I brought up the subject of bullying with her and I was more than shocked at what she told me.

She stated that there really isn’t any sort of protocol set up within our school district on bullying. It is literally a 15 minute video that teacher must watch and a quick quiz afterwards.

That is all.

No sensitivity training.  No in-depth seminars to help teachers notice the signs of a bullied kid. There are no mental health classes to teach teachers how to deal with the sensitive subject of bullies.


It made me angry not only as a parent but as a woman who grew up dealing with bullies in school.

This has got to change. I’m tired of my heart breaking every time I see the news where another child, YES I SAID CHILD!, has committed suicide because of the way other people treat them. It sickens me to see this video that she posted on Youtube, crying out for help and the comments … those were the worst.

It is so easy to hide behind a computer screen and say awful things to someone. You never have to see the real damage it causes and I hope and pray that Amanda’s legacy is one that sheds light on this subject.

I’m asking all my readers, friends, family, etc to contact your school districts and find out what kind of training your kid’s teachers are getting for anti-bullying. This is a subject that needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. I do not want to see another child die at their own hands.

As for Amanda’s family, my prayers go out to them. Losing a child has got to be the most painful thing on this planet, but to know that it could have been stopped has got to be worse.