My dad had a major rule.

No dating until you turned sixteen.

Of course the majority of my friends in junior high school had boyfriends, as did I, but they were allowed to date. I never could mention boys around my father or else he would have a meltdown.

I would find myself pouting on the weekends because my friends were allowed to go out and I was stuck at home. So one weekend an interesting thing happened.

I was friends with girl we’ll call Daisy. She was barely thirteen, and I was twelve. Even though I wasn’t allowed to date, I was allowed hang out with my friend at the skating rink and mall. Daisy decided to let me meet a friend of her boyfriend Terry. Terry was sixteen drove and was much more mature than both Daisy and I put together but I guess you couldn’t tell Daisy that. I had my reservations about meeting this guy and I was a nervous wreck the entire time at the skating rink.

About an hour after arriving at the skating rink, Terry and his friend we’ll call Fred showed up. Fred was very cute, but much older than me. I think he was about to turn sixteen and the moment he saw me, he rolled his eyes. Daisy and Terry were so excited for us to meet and after we met, he pulled Terry to the side. I knew the entire conversation was about me but I tried not to let it get me down.

Daisy and Terry kept couple skating, leaving Fred and I alone to get to know one another. He barely talked and kept walking away. I found him several times pumping quarters into the games and I found myself sitting in the corner of the skating rink, deciding on calling my mom to come get me. I was staying with Daisy that night but I felt horrible. I felt like my entire world was crashing down because this boy wouldn’t have anything to do with me. I’d set myself up for failure.

As the night drew to a close, I was downing my sadness in a pickle and some over mixed soft drinks. Terry and Daisy stopped groping one another to finally realize that I’d had a horrible night. I was nearly in tears when Terry drug Fred from a pinball machine to say good-bye to me. Daisy all but threatened Fred if he didn’t hug me and as he half-hugged me, I turned around and spotted my parents sitting in a booth right at us. I nearly fainted.

My parents had come by just to say hello and I couldn’t dare let them know that I was on a “date.” I prayed that my dad didn’t see the forced hug but he was sitting with his back to me and never saw a thing.

I was heartbroken over the whole thing. I was embarrassed and let down. I felt like Fred hated me and thought I was too young for him. I felt uncool. Daisy did all she could to console me but I never allowed her to set me up with another guy again.

As the years went by and I started dating, I still thought of that one moment and realized that my dad may have been right. I was way too young to understand the dynamics of dating and I was really glad that I waited until I turned sixteen to really date.


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