Since this is the very first blog hop I’ve participated in, I wanted to give you an idea as to who I am as an author. I also wanted to give you insight to my new release “A Charleston Love Story” which is featured in the Now Serving Anthology released by Rebel Ink Press.

My name is Elicia M. Seawell and I’m a wife to an amazing husband and mother to three beautiful children. I have some amazing friends in the book/writing world that have influenced me so much the past couple of years to keep going even when I felt like giving up. My first book, “Shadows: The Story of the Kayouta” was released in June of 2011. It is a YA book based on the Cherokee Indian legends of the Coyote. I was greatly influenced by the Cherokee culture after many summers spent on the reservation in North Carolina.

In May of 2009 I had the opportunity to head down to Wadamalaw Island which is located right outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I spent the afternoon watching the boats come in from fishing trips and had coastal shrimp. This experience inspired “A Charleston Love Story” but it wasn’t until this year that I finally found a home for my short story. That’s when the fine folks at Rebel Ink Press offered the contract on my story and I felt so proud to be a part of their wonderful publishing house. Since then, I’ve worked diligently on two books already submitted to them for release this year and I’ve got two more books in the works.

Here is a small snipet of “A Charleston Love Story”:

The sun was turning a dark shade of orange as it started to fall over the trees that stood on Wadmalaw Island. The boats were coming in to dock for the evening after a long day of searching for the local seafood. I stood on the edge of the embankment watching the hardworking fishermen cast their anchors and pull their catch off the boats. The wind rushed through my hair as the smell of the salt water hit my nose.

I really missed this place. I’d always wanted to call the entire Charleston area my home. For many years I would come down, debating on whether or not to settle here. Each time, I’d go home, disappointed, wishing there was some way to stay. The beauty of the area, the sights and the history had been calling my name for quite some time.

I took a seat on the bench that faced the waterway. Just across the way was a town called Megget. My dear friend, James, whom I had known for some time, almost seven years, lived in that area. I came down once a month, if not more, to see him. He was a great guy, tons of fun to be around. He’d had his issues of trouble for quite some time but we would always find a way to stay in touch even if we wouldn’t speak to each other for months.

I made the decision early that morning to make the drive. It took some time staring at my reflection in the mirror after my shower. I noticed every line that popped up on my forehead. Every crease showed that I was about to jump out of my 20s within the next year. Sure, people say that I look young, but the things I’ve been through in my life, the tough times, had started to show through in my face.

As I sat on this park bench, my heart started to ache. I soon realized my short trip was coming near an end. I could have sat out there for days, not once moving for anything. I reached down to pick up my bag of books and my laptop I’d brought with me to work on some stories.

And if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have stayed.

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