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I started a new medication yesterday that not only relieved my stress and anxiety, but for some reason also cleared my head. When that takes place, random thoughts occur and well here are the ones that I had in a thirty minute span.

1. JROTC summer camp taught me that sometimes the underdog can win

Let me explain this one in more detail. How many of you have seen movies like Major Payne or In The Army Now? In these movies, the underdog always wins, right? I personally saw something like that happen at JROTC summer camp in 1995.

There was a kid in our platoon that could just not stand still. As I’m sure you know, when you are told to stand at attention that means stand still, do not move and definitely do not speak. Every time I looked down our platoon, he was kicking a rock, twisting, turning, flailing his arms, etc. I was pretty sure he had some sort of ADD or ADHD and the first sergeants were having a field day with this kid. He probably racked up nearly 1,000 push-ups the entire time he was at summer camp. However, I saw something amazing happen to him one day.

We built floats out of our ponchos with two sticks and pine straw. It was a basic survival skill if you had to cross a small river. We built it and as we all stood around, figuring out who could paddle this float across the “river,” I pointed at the kid. Everyone thought I was nuts but he was smaller than all of us. He could easily fit on the raft and would probably get good speed. So everyone shrugged and agreed. At stake? First in line for lunch. That may not seem like a lot but when you’ve been outside since 6 a.m., it was a huge deal. So we watched as he boarded the raft and he began paddling.  He was so light that he basically glided across that water and was so far ahead that it took the other people nearly 10 minutes to catch up. Everyone in our platoon cheered and felt so happy for this kid. After that, he held his head higher, listened more and had a better time at summer camp.

I think the lesson I learned that day was that if you lift someone up, they’ll perform better. Tearing them down only creates more self-doubt. I hope that guy has had an amazing life after that day.

2. Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Run” is the most perfect song to sing while driving down the road.

No explanation needed.

3. If the zombie apocalypse is really here, I’m so under-prepared

Sure my brother-in-law would have us covered, but what would I do until then? My dad gave me a semi-assault rifle for my 16th birthday and I’ve held onto it. Maybe he knew before everyone else that I would need it. Between a man eating another man’s face off, and then a homeless woman trying to eat a baby, it’s almost here. I can feel it. (As I wrote this post, another story was sent to me about a man who ate his roommate’s heart and brain).

4. Is it the government’s responsibility to tell us who to marry, what to eat and what to watch or listen to?

I think this is going a bit far. We’re constantly hearing about how our current government is heading towards communism, what is more communist than a government telling their people what they can do? I’m sorry but that’s just not cool. So in the latest “what you shouldn’t do” spill from the government, the mayor of the big apple, Michael Bloomberg, has decided to ban large sodas in restaurants. Sure, like that’s going to keep me from re-filling my 12 oz cup. Seriously, I’m glad I don’t live in NYC. Living in South Carolina is bad enough. We were one of the last states to legalize Tattooing. That was bad enough.

5. As always, the over-hype of hurricanes/tropical storms fell upon our great state again

Our second named storm of the season, which isn’t even here yet, came upon or great state this weekend. Beryl came into town, dropped a little bit of rain and left town. It wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be, as always. I feel like this will be a situation like the “boy who cried wolf” and we’ll have a cat 5 storm hit us and no one will care. Thanks NHC and Weather Channel for forcing everyone’s guard down.

6. John Edwards was guilty, no one wants to say so

And honestly, I just don’t care.

Well that wraps up the things that have gone through my brain the past couple of days. It feels good to be able to think again. I’m still slowly working on three more books to add to the collection of ones that will release within the next couple of months. I’m super excited to finish “Girl of the Clovers” soon. Thanks everyone for sticking it out with me and I’ve learned so much as to who my true friends are throughout this ordeal. Much love to those and thank you as always to my readers! You guys make this blog worth it.