It has been the roughest two weeks of my life however today I woke up feeling more hopeful and happy. I pulled out my calendar and realized that next week my blog will be filled to the gills with Rebel Ink Press authors and their upcoming books so I wanted to give you insight as to who will be featured.

On Wednesday May 16th I will host Janelle Lee, author of Uncovered (releasing next week). This is her third release from Rebel Ink Press

Kate Roth, the author of The Low Notes will take over my blog on Thursday, May 17th. This is her first book.

Then on Friday, May 18th, Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy joins me to discuss her new release In the Shadow of War. I am so excited to have her join me.

updates on my current releases, upcoming books

Shadows: The Story of the Kayouta seems to stay within the 70,000 range on best sellers on Amazon. I gave away over 100 books the first weekend of May and I’m excited that people are really liking this book. I’m still considering releasing a sequel on it and it’s over 20,000 words in already. I just didn’t know if I wanted to release it or not but I figured it would be good to show what happens to Nadia and the pack.

Now Serving, a Memorial Day anthology released by Rebel Ink press and featuring my short story A Charleston Love Story is still on sale through several outlets. For more information, check out my blog post from the week it was released.

I’m still working diligently on The Tarot Diaries – The Magician and Girl of the Clovers. I’ve had some health problems but now that I’m getting back on track, I’m hoping to play catch up on both books.

I still don’t have a release date on The Tarot Diaries – The Fool and Peach River Acres but I know that it’s in the editing stages. Trust me, it will be on my blog when I get the release date.

Other than that, everything was put on hold for a while but now that I’m getting better I’ll be able to post more blogs and work more on my books. Thanks again everyone for your support and I cannot wait for you to read my new releases!