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I think this book will be my favorite to write because there will be so much of myself in this one. I’m not saying that I was ever abused by a partner or anything but I’m putting my own emotions into the story.

There are some things people should know. It does involve issues of domestic abuse and I’m writing it because I wanted a way to voice my concerns about the after effects of what that sort of abuse can do to someone. However, I also wanted to show that leaving an abusive relationship can lead to a life of happiness and recovery from the abuser. At first you won’t realize how deep Kaylen Armstrong’s emotional scars go but eventually it will come out. Until then, I wanted to give you a small piece of the book. I hope you enjoy and I cannot wait to finish this story.

As I stood in front of the mirror at the bus station in Virginia I realized that I looked like hell. The dark circles around my eyes showed the years of torment from my husband. The wrinkles started settling in and my hair looked like a rat set up shop. I quickly used the restroom, washed my hands and walked outside to get back on the bus.

However, when I went back outside, the bus was no longer there.

Panic set in as I found and attendant to find out exactly what was going on.

“Honey, that bus left five minutes ago,” he said.

“No, that can’t be. He told us we had ten minutes. There was no way I was in that bathroom for more than five.”

The attendant shook his head. “You should have stayed on the bus. Another one comes at three tomorrow afternoon.”

“Tomorrow afternoon?” I almost shouted. “What am I supposed to do until then?”

“Well we’re closing in thirty minutes so you better find a place to stay until then.”

“But, but…” I said nearly crying. “I don’t have that much money.” By then I was sobbing. I thought of using the credit card that I had in my wallet but I didn’t want Thomas to trace them.

“Miss, I’m sorry but you can’t stay here.”

I reached for my bag and started walking down the streets of some unknown town in Virginia, alone, scared and not certain if I would survive the night.