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I think I woke up sometime around 4 a.m. this morning to find my TV completely off and my closet door wide open. I was so tired from the past two days that I went to sleep and couldn’t have cared less. A spider could have been talking to me and I would have just shooed him away that’s how tired I was last night.

The funny thing is I acknowledged that the TV was off and the closet door was open and my first thought before I fell right back to sleep was “Yay me, I’m sleeping with the lights off and closet door open!”

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve slept with some sort of light on around me be it a nightlight, the TV or the bathroom light shining in the hallway. It annoys the hell out of my hubby who prefers pitch black so every once in a while he’ll reach over, steal the remote while I’m sleeping and turn the TV off. He usually is courteous enough to close my closet door also because he knows I fear that too. However, both of us were so tired I think he forgot.

Of course as my mind wanders (like it always does) I started thinking about the high school paper I wrote on Fears, Phobias and Anxieties (which I made a 100 on may I add) and of course that leads to me talking about some of my own fears.

Spiders – Do you know how much I loathe these creatures? I nearly have an anxiety attack anytime I see one of those giant-sand-camel-whatever-you-call-them spiders on TV and I’m getting a little choked up thinking about it now. I think my fear started as a kid when an animal and insect expert came to class and showed us pictures of deadly spiders such as the brown recluse and black widow and what it could do to a person. Anytime I see a brown spider now I lose my shit and hubby has to kill it. My son is also an expert in spider killing for his mom. I found this GIANT spider in my bathtub once and made him kill it. He took pride in rescuing in his mother from certain death. Okay, it was a wood (wolf) spider and it wouldn’t have hurt me but it definitely would have caused me to shriek and scream.

My Closet Door – I have no idea why this is still a fear of mine. I know it’s a childhood fear that started when I lived on the creepy farm with my family. I woke up one night and swore I saw someone standing at my closet door. Mom says she was asleep in bed so I know it wasn’t her and my sister was asleep next to me so either way it went, someone else was there. I associate closets with the boogey man. As I said on my Facebook today, do not judge me!

The Dark – I bet half of you who read this prefer a nightlight while the other half prefers it to be completely dark. Am I right? Mostly, I think the nightlight/TV is more like a security blanket for me. Let’s say I have to get up one night to go to the bathroom. I hate the idea of stumbling around my room to get to my bathroom. I had a friend who did that as a teenager and she nearly killed herself by almost (I don’t know if she did or not) breaking her nose on her bed. I also believe that light scares away evil. So yeah, again, don’t judge.

Germs – It’s not one of those things where I have to wash my hands every 10 minutes but I do fear touching things, especially money. Can you imagine where all those $1 bills have been? I give you a couple of guesses and they all start with G and end with String. Pennies are the worst. I don’t know what it is but I know that metal is supposed to ward off germs but for some reason I think pennies are covered in them. People toss pennies anywhere! You find them on the street, in your bed stuck to your leg after you woke up the next morning (I know this has happened to you too so ha!) and in kids bellies. Then public places like bathrooms, oh my goodness, are breading grounds for germs. I do carry around hand sanitizer which I use regularly. I know that over exposure to it can kill good bacteria, blah, blah, blah and trust me I don’t use it every 10 seconds, just after I’ve touched a bathroom handle or money.

So those are some of my fears. I do have some silly ones too but I’ll save those for another blog. Until then, wash your hands, watch out for the boogie man and if you find a spider, don’t play with it. Those words could save your life.