I want you to picture a child sitting in his cafeteria at school and enjoying his lunch with his friends. He’s laughing, smiling and loving every single bit of his lunch break. Now imagine that is the only meal that he’ll get that day. Then I want you to think of what happens to that child during summer when there is no school?

Fandom for No Kid Hungry is a nationwide initiative in conjunction with the Share Our Strength for No Kid Hungry that has been featured on channels like The Food Network. Over 16 million kids go each day wondering where their next meal will come from. Some children go two weeks without a decent meal. Some of them depend on school lunches to satisfy their need for sustenance.

I’m writing a short story (Twilight Fan Fiction One Shot) and donating it towards this cause in conjunction with a monetary donation towards the Share our Strength initiative. I’m asking all my friends, family, Twitter followers and anyone who reads this blog to stop by and make a monetary donation through the FNKH website. You have no idea how much this will help children who right here in America go without food every single day. We can end childhood hunger by 2015 so please stop by the Share Our Strength website to pledge to end it for good!

If you need more information on the FNKH or the Share Our Strength initiative, stop by their websites.

You can also find them on Twitter: FNKH or Share Our Strength