Remember a couple of posts ago when I said that Lassie needed to help me with my brick wall issue? I shooed that adorable Collie away last night during my walk. A dear friend called it a moment of Zen, or becoming one with my story. He may have been right to some degree.

It all started as I trekked up the annoying hill that I try to avoid but I know the incline does a body good. Here, in this small town outside of Charlotte, it is completely covered in clover patches. I can look out my window and they are everywhere. My natural instinct is to look at the ground when walking and now I’ve taken to looking at the different shapes, sizes and kinds of clovers. I noticed that each one had a different look. Some were huge, almost the size of my hand while others the size of my pinky nail.

My mind began wandering to my story.

I wonder how this is going to fit in with my story. I know I want it to center around a girl who can find four-leaf clovers but what else?

I stopped off at a local store to buy those glorious packs of Cherry Limeade water mixers and as I perused the store, nothing else struck my fancy so I went to the counter to pay. This older gentleman accepted my money and his demeanor was amazing. He was so sweet and helpful and it was then that I realized my missing tie-in to introduce Kaylen to Jake!

Then here came the flood.

I started making mental notes throughout the entire walk. I had dialogue going through my head between each of the characters and by the time my feet reached my back door, I had the entire story pinned down from beginning to end. I know the personalities of each character and I’m going to keep it simple, not over-do it with so many people and let the love story unfold.

I love how a simple older gentleman could bring to me the thing I needed to make this story work. I want to walk back up to the store and tell him thank you but I’m sure he’d look at me real crazy like and call the cops.

Josh Holloway - My inspiration for Jake Hollings

So now I have nearly 3,000 words written and a ton more to go. It’s a beginning though and as with most of my stories, I may have it pinned down, but twists and turns seem to find their way in. I’m just excited to introduce the world to Kaylen Armstrong and Jake Hollings.