As I type this I’m shoving my mouth full of Cheetos and drinking orange soda. I’m doing it as a last hurrah though. I’m tired of being tired… and mostly tired of my fat ass.

During the past couple of months my health has turned for the worst. I’m depressed, pained everywhere and my body just feels heavy. Even though I’ve started walking nearly four miles every other day and the days that I don’t do a four, I walk a mile and I still feel unhealthy. Something has got to change. I’ve quickly realized it’s the food I’m eating.

Last night I perused Pinterest in the hopes of finding healthy foods to substitute instead of prepackaged, MSG/sodium/nitrate ridden foods and the more I looked for recipes the more depressed I became. This means saying goodbye to my Sprite. I’ve already said my goodbyes to anything with caffeine because of my heart (I have premature ventricular contractions). That means (I’m about to cry) goodbye chocolate too.

So what’s left?

I looked over at my bunny as he’s chewing on his slab of wood and started thinking

“Am I going to have to eat like him? Timothy Hay and rabbit veggie pellets?”

Then I began to think of my mother and father. My mom suffers from diabetes while my father, who just survived two heart attacks, a double bypass surgery and needs a kidney transplant and I think… THAT COULD BE ME!!

While I spent two weeks at my mom’s house helping them reorganize after my dad’s surgery, I learned to eat without salt. I learned to eat without sugar. Why can’t I do this while I’m home?

I’m making a pledge to myself and to everyone who reads my blog/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest. Starting Monday, April 16th, I will no long consume simple sugars or carbs; I will only eat lean meat; I will only eat fresh vegetables; I will drink only water for now and I will walk daily.

I have not set myself a weight loss goal because this isn’t just about weight loss. This is about a lifestyle change to make me healthier. I do want to see my grandchildren grow up. I do want to be able to be at my daughters’ wedding. I do this for me.

So I’m back to my Cheetos, my orange soda for today, because tomorrow, no more. I will be a new me. A healthier me, and hopefully less of a fat ass me.