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I think I made some Facebook friends a little angry last night. For your information, I did not post their post-party hangover pictures (those come later when I’m ready for the end of the world). I didn’t tell them that their three-millionth post about how cool their crappy band is has bugged me.

I think I went a little deeper than that. Maybe even over their heads.

In case you missed it:

My blog post tomorrow will confront the one thing I cannot stand on my Facebook newsfeed: people who cannot use correct grammar! If you think I’m talking about you, I probably am.

Funny enough, two people un-friended me. I guess they did think I was talking about them.

All I ask is for a little bit of correct punctuation. Even some correct spelling would appease me.

I will admit to un-friending people on Facebook for punctuation and grammatical issues. I’m sorry but if you constantly do it, either you are doing it to purposely make yourself sound cool (or dumb) or you do it to annoy others (like me).

There are some of you who do it and I let it fly. Mostly because I know you are doing it to be funny.

IE: When you say “I can has?”

I say that all the time when I really want something. It’s a sign of affection towards an object.

However, if you use the words “sum” for “some;” “dat” for “that;” or just plain out refuse to spell the word completely even though there are only one or two letters that you have left to use, it irks me.

Correct usage:

The boy went to the store for some peaches.

Incorrect usage:

Dat boy had went to da [left out store completely] sum pechs.

(Okay, what the hell is a “pechs?”)

So you get my point on spelling and the importance.

Now we can get into punctuation.

This => . <==== is a period.

This => , <==== is a comma.

They are useful in sentence structure because it let me knows where your thoughts begin and end.

Please use them. They are your friend. They don’t bite.

I admit that I myself am not perfect. My fat fingers tend to autocorrect on my iPhone just like the rest of you and my tenses still suck a big fat egg when I’m writing, but I do try. I even spell check more than I ever have in my entire life. All I ask of you is to do the same.

I found this really cute graphic courtesy of “The Oatmeal.” I think it breaks down the rest of my grammatical issues. Share it with your friends, especially those who just can’t seem to get it. If I have offended thee, then my job here is done.