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Spring Fling at Rebel Reasoning

Let’s start with the Spring Fling Event over at Rebel Reasoning today. Stop in for a chance to win $25.00 in Rebel ARCs which can be used towards your pick of books. The Rebel Ink writers have gotten together and wrote about their first kiss and mine is listed in that group. So if you get a chance to, stop by today and comment to be entered to win!

The Clover Girl Strikes Again

So if you were on Twitter or Facebook last night, you got a brief description of the luck I found last night. Now I’ve been amazing at finding four-leaf clovers lately. Here are pictures to prove it:

Here’s the full story:

I decided last night to head to my husband’s place of employment last night to help them celebrate their grand opening. I looked at the map and saw that it was only 1.8 miles to the store so I thought it would be good exercise to walk there. So, I threw on my jeans, hoodie and grabbed my earphones and made the trek towards the historical district.

My grandmother (Nanny) would take us for walks up and down her street when she was alive. I was so used to looking at the ground to find strange items on the side of the road and still to this day, I always keep my eyes to the ground just in case I find anything. Once, I found a $100 bill stuck to a fence. As I passed by a convenience store, I saw a lottery ticket (scratch off) lying on the pavement upside down so I couldn’t see what it was. I passed on the chance to look at it and kept on going. There was some place I needed to be.

The store received a ton of people and by the time the afternoon was over, we were exhausted. However, instead of riding back home with his friend, Hubby decided that we should walk back home. It was good to spend some quality time with him and we laughed and giggled all the way down the road and I came upon that lottery ticket again. This time I decided to pick it up. This is what I found:

Except it was real, scratched off and revealed a four-leaf clover pointing to a winning of $4. My husband’s mouth dropped and so did mine.

“It must have already been a winner, no one just drops a winning ticket,” I said to him.

He shrugged and as we walked past another convenience store, he stopped in. I stood outside watching and as the lady handed him the $4, I found myself laughing hysterically.

Hubby stopped right in front of me and said, “You know, your next tattoo is going to be of a four-leaf clover. No question about that.”

We laughed all the way home. It wasn’t that I found a winning lottery ticket on the side of the road; it was the name of it that got me giggling. It couldn’t be called “Million Dollar Diamond” or “Jokers Wild;” it had to be named “Lucky Clover.”

So as we settled in for the night, exhausted from our walk and our luck, hubby looks at me and says, “Next time you buy a lottery ticket, buy that one…”

I nodded in agreement, still smiling from the Lucky Clover that brought us a little bit of amusement in our lives.