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Happy Birthday Kstew! I’m sure you and Rpatz are planning some huge birthday celebration filled with pizza and Heinekens but as I pondered over your birthday, my mind wandered like it always does. Anytime I think of Kstew, it always leads me to your role as “Bella” in Twilight I started also thinking about women as heroines in moves and books.

It all started last night after watching the entire first season (again) of Game of Thrones with my husband, who had never seen it before. How on earth this happened since we live in the same house is beyond me. I thought we shared everything on TV. Apparently this is not the case.

Anywho… so we’re watching GoT and it occurs to me that the majority of my favorite books all have some sort of kick-ass heroine who takes charge and gets it done. Then I refer back to Twilight. Be prepared to string me up. So before you do, let me make this perfectly clear. I like Kstew. Okay with that being said…

I don’t like Bella.

I think she depended too much on others and up until she slit her arm with a rock to save her boyfriend, I just didn’t like her. However you take someone like Daenerys Targaryen from GoT and I can have a lot of respect for her. I have a lot of respect for women who take charge and do what they have to in order to protect their family or their lives.

Okay, so Bella did eventually do that weird mind thing where she created a bubble to protect the thoughts of her loved ones in Breaking Dawn. I get it, she helped. It took forever for it to happen though and by the time she got to use her “super power,” I was bored with her. I actually liked Rosalie better (I know, I’m weird).

The one good thing that I like out of this whole “Bella” situation is that Kstew has a chance to redeem herself as a “heroine.” She’s staring in Snow White and the Huntsman and from what I’ve seen from promos she will do an amazing job as Snow White. I’ve always loved the real story of Snow  White which is dreary, dark and pretty much filled with awesome (of course anything Disney touches turns it into cute, adorable, etc).

So here’s to a birthday filled with awesome for Kstew. May your roles forever more be filled with heroism.