Normally I wake up with some amazing blog idea and I’ll laugh to myself, pour a huge glass of decaf-tea and begin writing but this morning, I wracked my brain to come up with something. I flipped through the TV and of course it always lands on one of three channels for me: TV Land (I love MASH), the Weather Channel or Food Network. However, with it being so early in the morning, nothing great has caught my attention.

I stepped out of my normal TV realm and headed towards VH1 classics and of course Popup Video was on. The only song missing from it was Friday I’m in Love by The Cure. I mean seriously, how could they miss such a classic song, especially for a Friday? Then of course the way my mind wanders, it reminded me of an argument that I had with my husband one night.

I wouldn’t exactly call it an argument but it definitely was a heated discussion on the differences between The Cure and Morrissey. I told him I didn’t see a difference between the two. Both are extremely talented musicians with great music to back them up. Hubby stated that Morrissey was a whiney bitch and that The Cure was better. I begged to differ and so this morning I went through my Spotify (best invention ever by the way) to listen to the difference between the two bands.

Okay so Morrissey is a little more on the emo side. He is a little more self loathing but when he was with The Smiths, amazing stuff came from that band. Oh my favorite song by them? So glad you asked. It definitely is How Soon is Now? If you ask me the song was way ahead of its time. Every time I hear it I think of the movie The Craft. Even though that was a remake by a band named Love Spit Love it still gives me chills.

When it comes to The Cure, hands down favorite song is Pictures of You however Burn is such a close second that it’s sometimes hard for me to choose between the two.  Burn was on my favorite movie The Crow so it sometimes takes precedent over the two but it’s still hard to choose.

So if I had to choose between the battles of The Cure vs. Morrissey, well, I guess the hubby was right, The Cure wins. I mean they did do a kick ass collaboration with Korn with Make Me Bad/In Between Days and to me, well that just tops it all.

However, ironically, as I finished this, VH1 classics decided to play Morrissey. I guess they like him better than The Cure.