Raise your hand if you had an invisible friend when you were a kid? That’s what I thought. I had two, Elizabeth and Tiffany and they were mine and my sister’s best friends growing up. We would play school and they would be our pupils; we’d play ‘concert’ and they were our audience. I do miss Tiffany and Elizabeth but they will forever be in my heart as two of the best friends a girl could have.

Now that I’m grown up, my imagination likes to take me on a trip in my dreams. They are super vivid and seem so real that sometimes I don’t want to wake up until I’ve seen it played out. I’m a lot like my character Katie Jenkins in the Tarot Diaries. I see things in color, nothing ever jumps and it’s like watching a movie.

I’ll give you a prime example of my dream last night.

It started out that I was taking a flight out of my hometown to my current home of Charlotte however I never made it home. I ended up in some small town outside of West Virginia. I walked through the door of this small auto parts store and talked to the manager, who proceeded to give me a job. We talked about the people who came into his shop and he mentioned this guy who apparently was working to become a racecar driver. Eventually in my dream this guy did come in. He was tall, skinny, super dorky and had a great personality. I kept telling my boss that I liked the kid a lot and he kept picking on him. I got angry and ran off with the guy. The next thing I realize, the guy had turned into Randy Orton. Yes, the WWE superstar Randy Orton. Be still my heart.

Those are the kinds of dreams that I have, they make sense and could be a book/movie. So now I have yet another book idea (however it won’t be Randy Orton as the main character but don’t put it past me to have someone just as hot in my book). I’ve had these ideas pop up in the strangest of places from the ice cream section at a grocery store to restaurants and even while on road trips.

I’m a very visual person, especially after 14 years of being a graphic artist I look at things in a different perspective than most. I tend to see color when others see black and white and vice versa.

My suggestion is if you can’t find something to write about, look at pictures, explore your back yard, stand in the frozen food section or just let your dreams come to you. You’d be amazed at what you come up with.