There are times when I’m writing that I can go deep into emotion. It’s almost like I’m stepping out of my own body and into my characters. I can feel everything they’re feeling from pain to happiness, sadness to regret. However, sometimes I do feel like a robot just writing to be writing.

One of my fellow Rebel Ink writers Lila Munro posted a great blog today (you can read it here) about our five senses and how to write with them.

She hit the nail on the head with one of the things I need to improve upon. Even though it takes time to develop and understand fully what it means to write with our senses and to “show a story” instead of “telling a story,” it can be done with a lot of practice.

I’ll give you an example. In my upcoming book, “Peach River Acres,” I started off describing things in detail and then found myself turning into a robot again. I guess I’m afraid I’ll turn into Stephen King who overly (but amazingly) describes the area around the characters and the emotions they are feeling. Maybe I could take a note from his writing style. It couldn’t hurt.

I think the next couple of days, I’ll take time to go through The Tarot Diaries and make sure that I’m giving detail, showing emotion and describing things better before I turn it into my publisher.

Until then, I’m going to practice. What I mean by that Is I’m going to pull my characters into my notebook and describe them, then the places around them and then the emotions they could feel. Character development is key to good writing, but so is the ability to “show the story.”

Thanks Lila for helping me understand this and I’ll definitely put it to good practice.