Some lucky soul (or unlucky depending if you believe the curse of the lottery) won over $640 million dollars last night. The lucky ticket was bought in Maryland and I swear to Moses if it was some politician, I’ll flip lid. Other than that, I hope whoever won it puts it to good use. I also hope it beats out what I had planned for it. In fact, I thought I’d share my top 10 outrageous things I would have done with the money. Sure, I would have put some away for retirement and given it to friends and family, plus a ton of worthy causes. What fun would it have been though to do the things I’m about to list.

  1. I would have reopened CBGBs just for one night and had all my favorite bands play the biggest super jam set EVER in the history of mankind. The mix of music would have been better than anything Bonnaroo could have put together.
  2. I considered buying a Yacht and sailing around the world for a while. I told my best friend last night that was in my plans. She suggested a Carnival Cruise Liner but then I told her that it held too many people and I just didn’t feel like putting up with it. She agreed and said the Yacht was a better idea.
  3. Then the idea of a private jet came to mind. I could fly anywhere I wanted to go. Then I realized that I hated flying so that was out of the picture.
  4. I would buy up all the Hello Kitty stuff my mansion could handle. I would keep the Sanrio company in business singlehandedly.
  5. I would have Stephenie Meyer finish Midnight Sun. I would pay her to finish it. Also, I would make her write several more books in Edward POV.
  6. Pink Boss Mustang. Enough said.
  7. I would hire Hugh Laurie to come to my house and read me Shakespeare.
  8. I would join the Writer’s Guild and then boycott any movie producer/director who tried to do any 80s remake movies. Just, don’t.
  9. I’d buy a spot on Richard Branson’s moon plane.
  10. And finally, I’d pay scientist to genetically engineer elephants and giraffes to have as pets.