Last night I reached another critical twist in “The Tarot Diaries.” The Fool came upon a motherly figure dressed in regal attire. She was the Queen of Pentacles and the Fool sought her motherly advice.

“My lady,” the Fool said as he bowed in front of a Queen. Her throne was shaped almost exactly like the King of Pentacles that he had encountered beforehand and yet it looked different. It looked more feminine.

“Ah dear traveler, I’d heard great things from you from my husband. I’m sure that he’s explained your journey?”

“Yes, in fact I’ve come to seek some advice,” The Fool stated as he stood before her majesty.

“More advice?” she asked, quirking her eyebrow.

Her dark hair was covered in a golden crown with a veil that flowed to her feet. Her friendly face seemed motherly, concerned for the weary traveler.

“I’ve come to seek the truth about what it takes to be compassionate. I’ve learned a great deal from your companion, but from a woman’s perspective, if I may?”

The queen sat for a moment, a very large pentacle in her hands never moving, and thought for a moment.

“Dear friend, have you never had a mother?”

The fool glanced at his worn feet and shook his head no.

She motioned for the young one to walk towards her. He knelt at her feet as she placed her hand on his head.

“Dear child, you must understand that a mother’s compassion is unlike any other. They do things for their children that may seem odd to others but in a mother’s mind, it’s the right thing to do.”