My great debate these days is whether or not to turn a story idea into full blown book or write a fan fiction out of it.

But Elicia, you are like published and stuff.

So?  I don’t see a damn thing wrong with writing fan fiction AND being a published author. Let me explain why.

Story idea hits me and BAM what do I first do? I figure out if the character is ANYTHING like what I would normally write for FF. If so then I’ll go on and write my Bella/Alice/Rosalie/Jacob/Edward/Jasper/Emmett story (notice I didn’t put Carlisle in there? I just can’t write him. I don’t know why). However, if this person in my mind is envisioned differently, then I’ll write it as a story.

Prime example: Peach River Acres.

It originally started out as a fan fiction but the more I got into the story, the more I developed the characters away from canon and they turned out completely OOC (out of character). I’m glad I did turn it into a Romance Fiction because it stands so much better alone.

I think that’s where my lines can get blurred though. For most readers, it can too. I can read a book and place Edward or Bella in the lead and it would sound like something they would do.

Stephanie Meyer didn’t start the whole “must have a romance book where the guy is rich, the girl is average and they fall in love.” That was done WAY before Twilight, IE: Harlequin Romance Novels.

When I interviewed Debra Anastasia (author of Poughkeepsie and Crushed Seraphim), she brought up an amazing point. She wrote Poughkeepsie as a way to stray away from the rich guy meets average girl storyline.  That’s what made that book such a novel idea (no pun intended).

So back to the reason why it’s okay to write fan fiction and be a published author.

It’s fun. Simple as that. If you take yourself too seriously and cannot have fun with your writing then there is no point in being an author. Unless your publishing house/agent refuses to allow it to continue, write your little fan fiction heart out. I know I still do.

Even after all the drama over pulled fics, banners, he said/she said BS that’s taken place in our fandom, I still find myself wanting Jacob with Bella, or Jasper with Bella… hell anyone else other than Edward with Bella.

And as long as S. Meyer will allow me to do that, I’ll keep on doing it.