I think it should actually say “my words have made it rain since 2009.” Let me explain how I gained the reputation as a rainmaker completely by accident.

Picture it, Sicily 2009 – actually Darlington, South Carolina, 2009; it was the beginning of October, the 9th to be exact and I posted my very first Fan Fiction story, Abandon. The entire month of October I wrote, practically every single day. If I wasn’t writing, I was thinking of writing.

Then something unusual happened. Every day that I wrote either that same day or hours after midnight the next day, it would rain. Now since I wrote pretty much every single day of October, it rained nearly every single day in the month of October in my town. It was turning into Forks, Washington, y’all!

Proof is in the pudding. As you can see, we saw higher rainfall for my county the month of October 2009. Coincidence? That's up to you to decide.

By the middle of the month, my ex-husband turned to me and said, “Do you realize that ever since you started writing, it’s been raining every single day you write?”

I sat for a moment and pondered this thought. Could it be possible? I was writing about Forks, Washington in my story and everything revolved around the rain. Could I actually be making it rain when I write?

I pushed the thought away and chocked it up to just an unseasonably rainy month of October.

Then came November and I didn’t write as much as I had during the month of October but every time I wrote, it rained. I had friends of mine posting on my Facebook page (once word got out about how my writing and the rain coincided) and asked for me to take a break for a while. My son calls me up when it rains at home and asks if I’ve been writing that day. I’ve noticed something throughout this entire fiasco.

It only rains when I write Twilight Fan Fiction.

I can write my original fics, blog posts, short stories, etc., but if I write about anything related to Twilight, it rains. In fact, I’m waiting for the rain to start anytime now (it’s supposed to be a clear and sunny day. I’m testing this theory today).

I don’t honestly believe that writing Twilight Fan Fiction causes it to rain. I really think that rain inspires me to write. There is something about the sound of thunder and the rain on the rooftop that relaxes me and helps me write. It sure as hell beats the barking dog I normally have outside my window.

However, it’s still funny for friends to send a text message “Hey we’re on vacation this weekend, don’t write” or friends who are getting married “Please, no rain during our wedding. Cut out the writing for this weekend.”

So if you are ever in Charlotte, NC and it starts raining, ask yourself if E’s writing TwiFic today. You just never know.