Last night I realized something that upset me but empowered me at the same time.

I went through my Twitter follower list and realized that the people that I thought were following me had in fact jumped ship.

What the hell?

I wracked my brain, worried that maybe I’d said something to upset someone or that maybe they were just not interested in my original writing (the majority of those who jumped ship were Fan Fiction people I’d had on my list for almost three years). I thought that maybe since I don’t mention my love for Twilight or the Hunger Games that much that they think I don’t love the books anymore.

This is totally not the case.

As I sat in bed last night going through my follower list I really got upset by some of those who quit following me. Some of them I really respected and liked. Some of them I supported throughout their transition from Fan Fiction author to full-fledged published authors.

Either way, the sting of knowing you weren’t accepted does kind of hurt, especially by those that you really, really liked.  I even tweeted how upset this made me.

Then someone said to me in a DM “That doesn’t make you any less special.”

After that I smiled and realized that it really doesn’t make me any less special. I may just be another name in a sea of a billion twitter followers but to a good many of those who’ve been there for me, retweeted my books, blogs and anything I’ve said to make them laugh, I’m a friend.

I put my big girl panties on, sifted through my following list and unfollowed only those that I felt deserved it. Most of the ones were people I never talked to anymore or haven’t been on in years. Either way, my timeline feels lighter, my heart feels lighter and all around I just feel better. In the process of all this, I gained another fifteen followers yesterday who are completely happy to follow me and see what I have to say on a day to day basis.

My biggest lesson learned last night is that for every friend you lose, there is another one out there waiting to make your acquaintance and willing to follow what you have to say.

So to those who unfollowed me, I’m truly sorry if I’d ever said anything to offend you. I wish you well in your future endeavors and maybe one day we’ll meet again.