Earlier in a blog I posted how much music has an influence on my writing. I wanted to give my readers an idea of exactly motivates me to write. Each album has a voice for every book I’ve written.

10. Coldplay – Live 2003
This was the soundtrack to “Shadows: The Story of the Kayouta.” Every single song spoke to me and through my characters Nadia and Andrew. The one song that got to me the most was “Everything’s Not Lost,” especially after some HUGE events that took place in that book.


9. Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
Closer was the song that FINALLY pushed me to write my first sex scene. Plus the rest of the songs just reek of sex.



8. Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
Mr. Manson is my go-to when I need to write something dark. “Tourniquet” was the song that I wrote my infamous vampire strip club scene in my now pulled story “Broken Promises.”


7. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
Amy’s angelic voice will definitely be missed but if you only knew how many words I’ve written to her music.




6. Blue October – Foiled
I fell in love with this band in 2009. They were the soundtrack to my first fan fiction and since then, they’ve been a huge favorite of mine.



5. Austin Crane – I Know My Hands
I wrote my very first non-HEA to this album. If you’ve never heard of him, got to iTunes and buy both his albums. He’s one of the many local artists that I support.


4. Modest Mouse – Good News for People who Love Bad News
I have a Float On tattoo –  that’s how much I love this band.  A lot of people will be shocked that this isn’t in my number one spot since it is my all time favorite band but it was hard to distinguish one particular album of theirs that was my favorite so that’s a big reason why it’s in the number 4 spot.

3. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots
I clearly remember driving down the road at night time listening to this album and realized that this was the first album that I owned that actually told a story. From start to finish you were excited to know if Yoshimi actually defeated the Pink Robots but it also made me question my own mortality with “Do You Realize.”


2. Iron & Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog
I have so many things I could say about this album. From “House by the Sea,” “Resurrection Fern,” and “Boy with a Coin,” there are so many songs on that album that make me focus and push hard to write. This is my soundtrack to “The Tarot Diaries.” It’s the only album I’ll listen to while I write the story between Katie and Charlie.

1. The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love
I remember the first song I heard on this album. It was Hazards of Love 4 and as I sat there on the wall of the cemetery in my backyard, I nearly cried myself to death. I had to listen to the rest of the album and I realized quickly that the album told a story about a man and a woman who loved each other so much that it killed them. It was almost a Romeo and Juliet style story and I immediately got the album, sat down to write “Peach River” and never listened to anything else for two weeks solid. This is the only album that I know of (other than Yoshimi Battles by the Flaming Lips) that had me engrossed and wanting more about the characters they tell the story about. The Hazards of Love proved to me that even in song, you can tell a story that makes you want more. I literally cried again during Hazards of Love 4, which was the last song I listened to when I wrote the last word of that book.