I got to a critical part in The Tarot Diaries today. I discussed the purpose of the Fool card. It’s not so much a card of confusion of where we are heading, but more so the entire Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is based on his journey, “The Fool’s Journey.”

Each card coincides with a character that the Fool came across in his journey to enlightenment. The path he takes is a long and treacherous one and he ends up in places not so great and other times he finds himself happier and full of understanding of life and the purpose of being.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little down about my writing. I felt like I’d hit a brick wall and wanted to just stop for a while and not even think about my characters and where they were headed. I sat on my bed, pouring over my own “Tarot Diary” and realized that it had been a super long time since I’d even held my own set of cards. I reached over to my shelf and placed the deck in front of me and smiled.

I looked over each card, reflecting on them one by one, just as Katie does in the book. I tried to look at the stories the pictures told and before I put them up, I pulled the major arcana cards out and began a reading on myself. I don’t normally do it because our own thoughts and ideas can bias the cards but I wanted to know if everything I was putting an effort into would pay off. I wanted to know if all these hours of typing and journaling would be worth it.

I pulled the cards one by one, only doing a three card reading and it astounded me.

The first card was the Lover’s card. It showed that I had a tough decision to make. I’d always wanted to stay home and write but that meant having to make some sacrifices and my husband and I just decided a couple of weeks ago that maybe it would be a good idea for me to do just that.

The second card was the Hermit card. It represents the needing to be alone to work on my creativity and to work through my thoughts and process my world. The Hermit is never found confined though. He is always out, looking for more things to work on and ways to be creative. That described me perfectly at my present moment.

ImageNow, for the future, I pulled the Star. This is a card, much like the wheel of fortune that could go anyway. It’s all based on how far I’m willing to push myself. This card symbolizes my own will power and how much I want to reach for the stars. If I keep my eyes on the goal (for me it’s to become a published author) and never waiver, my dreams will come true. I just have to remember that nothing is immediate in life and if you want something you have to work for it.

That was just the push I needed in the right direction. This morning I woke up, made breakfast for myself, poured a HUGE glass of iced tea and sat down. I hashed out over 3,000 words in less than two hours today.

Now I don’t advocate always looking to the cards for answers. Sometimes, the questions to life’s answers lie in you. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my own journey, it’s that you’ll meet some interesting people along the way, go through some rough patches and eventually, with enough work and determination, get what you want out of life.

I really didn’t need the cards to tell me that. I think I already knew it.