I’m working on a new book project that will be unlike anything I’ve ever done before. The book will be borderline… okay over the border, erotica. I’ve always loved romance/erotica novels but this will take me digging deep to find that kinky side of me.

The book will feature Sydney Stewart, a self-employed business consultant who can’t seem to find time for a life, hell, a love life to be exact. Her brooding mother and nosey best friend do everything that they can to find her someone to settle down with.

One night, while doing research on a company, Sydney comes across a website for a man who calls himself “Declan Midnight.” She is immediately intrigued by this hot guy who refuses to show his face, but will show everything else. Sydney reads all the comments and finds that a lot of women also find him attractive. She has no idea how to make herself stand out from the crowd.

After much soul searching, she reaches out to “Declan” and finds herself on a winding, yet, erotic road into his lifestyle which includes exhibitionism and other taboo subjects.

I’m hoping that this book will be my longest one yet. I want to really explore Sydney’s sexcapades with Declan and the hopes that they’ll find their own happily ever after.