Wait… hold on a second! Did I just… ah hell.

Yeah it’s that awkward moment when you just wrote THE most perfect blog/letter/post ever in the history of your writing career and you realize something.


How do you recover? Do you beg the recipient to ignore that particular email? Do you fly to their home, quietly act like a ninja and sneak into their house in the hopes you can erase it before they see it?

I had a moment like that today. I thought my manuscript, letter and everything I sent off to my RIP submissions people was the most perfect thing ever.

That was until I realized I forgot a cover page. I swear I read the directions but of course with everything going on at once, I forgot that one component.

So I sat here and debated on sending it all over again. However, I don’t know if I should. Maybe just wait until they say something… then I’ll go crazy.

ImageHonestly though, best thing to do in a situation like that is to send a letter apologizing that you attached the wrong file and let them know that you are sending the correct on in that email. They’ll appreciate your honesty, your professionalism and most importantly your strive to do better.

So next time you feel a facepalm moment hit, there is a quick fix.