I sighed, closed my bio book and headed downstairs to my living room. The cards were still sitting on the table and I knew that they were calling me. It felt like a pulling sensation. I sat down on the floor, closed my eyes and meditated for a while. I read a little bit of the book that Giselle gave to me that said before I do a reading I should meditate since it clears the mind of foreign ideas.

After taking the cards out of the bag, I shuffled them carefully and pulled one card. My question which I never said out loud had to do with school. A huge part of me wanted to drop out but then another huge part wanted to finish. I had two more years to go but I felt like I was wasting not only my time but my professors’ time too.

I pulled a single card out and held my breath. As I flipped it over I heard a laughter that almost made me pee myself.

There was a man standing on a ledge, flower in hand and he was laughing and smiling. He kept wobbling back and forth, almost falling over the ledge one moment and then standing his ground the next. The dog that was beside him kept laughing too.

Almost as if the man jumped out of the card, he got right into my face and said, “Huge changes are coming, but don’t be a fool. Try your hardest to stay in school. You know the right thing to do, so if you really don’t here’s a clue. You have a special gift, that’s easy to see, but if you are not careful, you could end up like me.” And with that he fell right off the ledge. I tried to reach for him but by then it was too late.